interesting discoveries

bird of prey


The incredible story of the Philippine Eagle. Meet the dedicated people who have devoted their lives to protecting this endangered creature. Inspiring and heartbreaking, the story reflects the challenges now faced by many species on the planet.

My Octopus Teacher


An incredible story of connection between man and sea creature. The intelligence of other life forms is not only cognitive, but emotional as well. This moving documentary paints an intimate portrait of an unlikely friendship.

Spaceship earth


This documentary tells the story of Biosphere 2. It was envisioned by a creative collective of like-minded and well-intentioned folks. The project experienced meteoric media success and just as quickly fell from grace. This behind the scenes story is full of surprises.



The extraordinary life story of Jane Goodall. Her ability to see the humanity in our closest non-human relatives is revealing on many levels. She continues her noble work to this day.

The Salt of the Earth


The fascinating story of photographer Sebastiao Salgado. He has dedicated his entire life to the documentation of human suffering around the world. A must-watch for all of humanity. A challenging quest for hope amid harsh realities.

Monsieur Lazhar


This award-winning French Canadian film is perfectly crafted. A powerful human story full of honesty and tenderness. The performances of the child actors are so authentic, it's easy to forget that it's a film.


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